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Imageonix Brings Ayonix World-Class 3D Facial Recognition to the U.S.

RICHMOND, Va. – Imageonix Technologies LLC, a Virginia-based emerging technology distributor, will now offer a series of facial recognition products through its newly established partnership with Tokyo-based Ayonix. Among the fastest 3D facial recognition software in the world – with product applications for consumer product marketing, global security, and the medical industry – Ayonix has agreed to make its flagship facial recognition software package available to US markets. 

“American brands and agencies are just beginning to deploy facial recognition as a critical extension to video networks,” said Dr. Sadi Vural CEO of Ayonix. “The ability to capture metadata throughout the media ecosystem is paramount. We look forward to pushing the barriers of our technology, helping media and marketing organizations monetize their out-of-home video messages with a comprehensive offline marketing tool that tracks ROI for media buys.”

Imageonix leverages a global network of technology providers in three key areas – critical infrastructure systems support, wide-area public surveillance, and safe/smart city systems for municipalities. The addition of Ayonix’ industry-leading 3D facial recognition technology will provide domestic security and media verticals with a fast, accurate, and efficient solution that’s currently unmet domestically. 

“We’re just a few months into this new venture and already we’re seeing that the ability to capture data, influence point of sale purchases and build brand loyalty based on audience preferences. This capability will be a major win for brands struggling with out-of-home ad unit measurements and pervasive engagement,” said Mike Broggie, CEO of Imageonix. “We’re thrilled to be aligned with Ayonix, which as a leader in the space will continue to push commercial applications for the advertising industry.”

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Ayonix is a leading facial recognition developer whose 3D software can match a person from 1 million records in under half a second with 99.9% accuracy. To learn more, visit

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